Transmission Set Production Test Solution

1. Overview

      SDH/PDH manufacturers need to do aging test and bit error test before out of factory. Generally, it needs to do long period BER-test to many interfaces during aging test which needs 24 hours. In this way, the test efficiency of SDH/PDH BERT set will directly affect the production capability of manufacturers. So the low efficient aging BER- test solution would definitely limit its production capability.


2. Traditional Solution

      By far, most of the manufacturers do the aging bit error test through separate testing condition made of several test sets then join the interfaces to every single set respectively.

      For example, for increasing production capability, it will need tens even hundreds 2M bit error test sets to do the tests. It needs conner to set and test every single 2M bit error set which cost large time and experience. Meanwhile, they will link these 2M interfaces then to do the test through one 2M test set. If they find out bit error from any of them, they need to repair over again.


      Traditional 2M set aging bit error test solution:


Disadvantages in this test way:

1. Need to set and manage every single 2M set respectively;

2. Need to check every single sets’ warning;

3. Disable to set or monitor concentrative;

4. Disable to achieve automatically test.


3. Concentration Solution

     Considering testing condition and increasing demand of efficiency, OPWILL produced Multiservice Test Platform MTP 2804/2810 which supports high interface consistency cluster test platform.

     MTP2804/2810 series of multiservice test platform is one of OPWILL modular test platforms. It accommodates both 4-slot and 10-slot configurations. It is an ideal communication test tool for production line with extensive test capability and high-density structure design.


     OPWILL Cluster Test Solutions for Factory:


MTP Cluster Test Solution Illumination

     OPWILL Cluster Test Solution Illumination as following, taking 2M interface test as example:

     1. Each MTP2810 supports 10-slot and 20 2M interfaces bit error test at most at one time.

     2. Users can visit IP of MTP2810 through IE explorer and configure and monitor multi-2M test interfaces at same time from long-distance. Users can save the configuration details for future operations automatically of the same tests.

     3. Users can check out 20 2M interfaces bit error situations from one PC and all these information will be recorded in PC.

     4. On production line, when it needs more than 20 2M interfaces bit error testing, OPWILL cluster test solution can support 8 MTP2810 sets at most joining together as a cluster, one of them as Master and others as Slave. Users can manage and monitor the cluster through Master, in this way, it can support 160 2M interfaces bit error testing at most at the same time. Cluster bit error test also can support configuration saved, load, test, bit error report saved and etc. high efficient functions.


Advantages of Cluster Test Solution:

     1. Improve production efficiency, through concentrated management and monitoring to achieve high efficient production line bit error test automatically.

     2. Save test sets sources and management cost, users can control at most 160 2M interfaces bit error tests at one time.

     3. Control method of Web makes bit error monitoring more intuitive, convenient and easier to use.

     4.  Its unique design makes test easily and flexible.


MTP Clustered management process:

           1.  Clustered Management

      Operation Board (PC or Server) can visit one of the MTP test platforms (Master) IP through network, then add other Slaves to the manage interface and manage several MTP test sets clustered.

      From the Cluster Manage interface, users can easily see the warning or bit error of every MTP test set. Users can click the unit to check its specific bit error or warning information if one alerts.


           2. Set Operator Interface

      Operation Board (PC or Server) can visit one of the MTP test platforms (Master) IP through network, then add other Slaves to the manage interface and manage several MTP test sets clustered.

      In the cluster operator interface, users can check every single unit information through clicking its code, including warning, bit error and testing time even to cancel the information of some port.

      Users can check the information of specific port through clicking icon (hyperlink).There’s no need of cluster management for only one MTP unite. ne can manage and monitor through operator interface directly.

           3. Single 2M Port Interface

      Users could check or configure details of some 2M port from interface through clicking port link. 



   4. Diary Record

Record MTP test set event information:


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