Optical Components Production Test Solution

1. Overview

The optical device manufacturers need to do testing of all the optical devices and there are different test contents based on different devices.

Main optical devices:

 1). Optical passive devices, including optical fiber jumper, optical cable, plug, fixed attenuator, adapter, divider, isolator, coupler, wavelength divide multiplexer and so on.

2). Optical active devices, including optical sending and receiving module, amplifier, optical switch, electrical adjustable attenuator.




For passive devices, it needs to test IL, ORL and PDL and son on; while for active devices, it needs to check sending optical power, error and receiving sensitivity and alarm threshold and so on.


2. Automatic Test Solution

         OPWILL could supply complete automatic test according to optical device manufacturers needs to achieve automatically test of optical devices using multiservice test platform MTP2804/2810 with various optical modules.

         MTP2804/2810 series of multiservice platform is a modular designed platform of OPWILL products. It supports 4-slot and 10-slot and plenty of test features through selecting various test modules. Its integration and automatic software design can meet high efficiency test needs of production line so it is the most ideal communication test tool for production line.

Optical module integrated test solution

        OPWILL out-of-factory test of optical modules illustration:


        Automatic integrated test of optical modules illustration:

        1). It can accomplish optical module optical output power, receiving sensitivity, alarm threshold test by configuring one Bit Error test module OTM-2500, one EVOA test module OTM-2100 and one PM test module OTM2200 on multiservice test platform MTP-2810.

        2). Receiving sensitivity and alarm threshold test:

        Optical signal flow direction: optical signal is sent from TX interface of bit error module then enter into RX interface of EVOA module. After attenuation value fixed, it will be sent from TX interface into RX interface of optical module under test and to input time synchronization signal to optical module at the same time. Optical module will send out the optical signal from TX interface after optical-electrical and electrical-optical transition into RX interface of bit error test module which will check out the bit error and alarm information.

         First, configure the EVOA to zero attenuation to capture initial optical power from bit error test module; then, adjust the attenuator to make the system adjusts automatically as per certain step length or rules until the test module detects error and alarm(LOS); the system should record attenuator values as receiving sensitivity and alarm threshold initial data.

        3). Optical power test:

        To get optical module radiation optical power value directly through connecting optical module TX interface to PM module RX interface.

        4). MTP-6810 support 10-slot which can be configured at least two sets optical module test systems. Users also could collect at most 8 units of MTP-2810 to manage and monitor together for cluster testing.

Passive devices IL and ORL integrated test system


        Passive device IL/ORL integrated test solution illustration:

        1). One MTP-2804/2810 could achieve IL/ORL testing of passive devices of one path by configuring an adjustable C wave band optical source module and optical power meter module.

        2). Optical power meter module could record IL/ORL value of various wavelengths which can be adjusted through software configuration.

        3). To test passive optical devices of batch of paths simultaneously, users could setup multi optical source+ optical power meter module and integrated multi paths power meter modules and optical switch to test PLC devices; meanwhile could also cascade at most 8 units MTP-2804/2810 to do cluster automatic test.


MTP Cluster Test Solution     


        OPWILL Cluster Test Solution Illustration:

        1). Single MTP-2810 supports 10 test slots, 2 optical test modules tests and 5 passive optical devices IL/ORL tests.

        2). MTP cluster test, every single Cluster supports at most 8 MTP-2810 units cascading for testing; and make one of them as Master of the cluster to manage and monitor the cluster and others as Slaves; Cluster test also supports configurations saved, upload configuration and test automatically, test results saved and high efficient bit error test method.

        3). MTP-2810 supports Ethernet connection. Users could visit MTP-2810 IP address through IE in the PC and achieve remote configuration and monitoring of MTP-2810; the configuration information can be saved for following tests.

        4). Users can save the cluster test results in control center in PC and also can output the test reports and forms.

MTP Cluster Test Solution Advantages:

        1). To achieve high efficiency and automatic production line optical devices tests through concentrated management and monitoring.

        2). High test interface density; one PC can control at most 8 MTP-2810 units in order to save source and cost.

        3). It makes bit error monitoring more visual, convenient and easy to use through Web control method.

        4). The test platform and modular design supports multi services modules which is easy for task extension.  

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